What are the dangers of eating TOO LITTLE calories?

We all know that eating too many calories can lead to fat gain and we all know that to achieve fat loss you have to lower your calorie intake. But how low is actually too low for you?

Eating 1000 calories a day for example, you are doing harm to your metabolism which will take time to get back to normal. Your body won't let you lose fat because you are giving it too few calories which it's keeping so you need to keep on eating less and less which is not possible.

But won't you gain fat if you suddenly increase calories?

Yes, if you increase calories, you will gain fat, at first but only untill your metabolism is restored. You need to up your calories, increase a bit the fat and then the minimum you can safely go for is around 1250. But don't take that number for granted, it all depends on how much you weigh, and how tall you are to be able to calculate the amount of calories you should be eating.

Then you should limit yourself from eating complex carbs, like rice, pasta, potatoes etc, and fruits which are high in sugar. Also, reduce diary since it has quite a bit of sugar. Base your diet on loads of veg, lean protein and fruit with low GI.

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