I've been doing great at keeping me "good" during the week but on splurge days I am out of control. I feel I have no control over these days. I always go to bed feeling stuffed and at times guilty.

The splurge day thing is always a good question. It varies person to person. I’m not very good myself at dedicating a single day to it. I indulge on most days … if the ‘bad’ stuff is accessible. That’s one of the keys I’ve found. Enjoy my regular meals, and try not to keep the sweets and junk food in the house. That being said, there are weeks where I’ll have a bowl of mint chip ice cream each night. 

The more you can enjoy your “normal” meals, the less attractive a splurge becomes. I’ve experienced this myself… and I have one heck of a sweet tooth.

A big problem I’ve found with splurges is that they can get out of hand when you’re hungry. So, I try to make a deal with myself (doesn’t always work)… in that I can eat as much splurge food as I want only after I’ve eaten the good stuff first. So I’ll eat my salad and veggies first. Then my steak. And afterwards I am free to eat my rice, pasta and sweets if I’m still hungry enough. Most times I’m too full to pig out on a splurge.

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