Am I doing this exercise right?

If you’re new to this way of exercising, you might fall prey to internal Gremlins telling you that you’re doing the exercise "wrong." Don’t…

Don’t think of your new program simply as exercise. Embrace the fact that you’re also learning new skills.

If you decide tomorrow to take up basketball for the first time, would you expect to learn a perfect jump shot on the first day? Not likely. Instead, you would work on it over time, improving gradually.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t play basketball and reap the benefits in the meantime! Your practice of these movements is the same. You should continually strive to incrementally improve your technique over time.

Keep watching the videos and referring back to the exercise descriptions from your program. Apply one technical improvement each training session. Before you know it you won’t even recognize your own movement.

This is part of the genius of the system. And it’s one of the reasons we see such phenomenal results. Your entire organism is constantly encouraged to adapt to these new skills.
As soon as you adapt, we incrementally add another little piece of the puzzle. The progress is endless.

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