How do I prevent getting broad shoulders on the Bodyweight Burn program?

I know push-ups are important for toning arms but is there any way I can do them without my shoulders getting broader like a guy's?


Good question. One I get quite often. However, you can rest easy knowing that getting broad, bulky shoulders is MUCH tougher than we may initially believe. Guys often times have a hard enough time getting broad shoulders and putting on bulk when training with weights, never mind body weight alone. Women's body's don't inherently have the testosterone levels necessary for packing on big muscle - guys typically have somewhere around 20 times more the amount of testosterone in their bodies than women have. The chest, arms and shoulder work in the BodyWeight Burn program is varied enough, and the nutrition is dialed in specifically to help you tone up (that increase in lean muscle tone helps melt fat) and lean out, without you looking anything like a competitive body builder (who tend to supplement with a lot more protein, calories and 'other goodies' than you'll find on BWB). Hope that helps :-)

John Belkewitch


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