What is cocktailing?

I have seen you mention 'cocktailing' in your articles and blogs, usually in a negative way. I am not 100% sure about what you're referring to in this regard. Could you please explain this concept in more detail and how/why it is bad?


Sure. Cocktailing refers to mixing different training protocols which target competing energy systems into the same workout or training cycle.

At best you will merely slow your progress – the results you reap won't be what you're expecting, and they won't be predictable. At worst you're setting yourself up for injury.

For example, let's say you wanted to train strength, and also speed/agility. Working heavy squats in the same cycle or the same session as movements to increase leg speed/agility will not cause improvements in both of your goals. You may improve a bit in strength if you're lucky, but speed/agility will most certainly decline. You're better off working a cycle of strength, and then following that with a cycle of speed/agility, during which you take the strength gains from your previous cycle and channel them into the athletic endeavor you're pursuing (in this case speed/agility).


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