I can't keep going for the entire round. What do I do?

What's a good way to get my rep numbers up? I can't keep going for the entire round that's called for in the program.  I think my issue isn't cardio as much as it is upper body endurance. My muscles just gas out.


It sounds like your energy levels are fine and you aren't out of breath, you're just reaching the point of muscular failure on specific movements and can't do any more.

Here's how I would approach it. Let's say, for example, that your circuit calls for 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times.

With 20/10's, do all the sets but space out your reps within those 20 second bursts. If you know your current best is 5 reps of that movement, get your 5 reps in and then shake it off until the remainder of the 20 seconds is over. On the next burst, aim for 5 seconds again. That's your minimum. You must always get those 5 reps, and you must do all the sets.

When the next workout rolls around, aim for 6 reps per set. That's all. A modest gain, but something you can sustain. Again, do all the sets. It won't be so bad because you have enough time to shake it out, do a rep, shake it out, etc as it gets to those last few sets. And you'll always make your minimum.

Without a plan, your tendency will be to go all out in the first couple sets, and you'll see your reps diminish set by set until you're barely doing one or two by the end – avoid that and plan it out until you've developed the muscular endurance to sustain full out bursts of effort for the duration.

You may not tap out cardio wise in the beginning, but your strength will progress very quickly. Don't worry about the cardio aspect for now. Fill in that strength deficit, and then shift your focus back once you're solid. It won't take long.


Staff Coach

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