One-Legged Squats

Here's a progression that may help.

Once you're comfortable with the basic flat foot squat and feel ready to progress, place something behind you that you can sit down on. I use a large Swiss ball (the inflatable exercise balls you see in the gym). This way you're only going part way down and back up, gradually developing the strength and range for the movement while learning how to recruit the correct muscles.

Once you've mastered it with the swiss ball, drop down a little more – I go from there to using a plyo box. I start with plyo box with a kick shield on top for extra height (any padded surface 6-inches thick will do), then I drop down to just the plyo box, then drop down again to sitting on a med ball.

Finally, progress to the full one-legged squat. You can also place your hand on a wall or chair for balance while doing this.

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