I'm afraid of losing my gains from past cycles. How do I maintain everything at once?

I've been bench pressing and squatting for years, but I'd like to try bodyweight exercise. But I'm afraid of losing my gains from prior cycles.

How can I incorporate bench press and squats into the program so I don't lose what I've gained in those areas?


This seems like a simple question, but you've actually hit upon a larger issue. The notion that you can always maintain every gain you reap in a training cycle is flawed. You only get to keep a small percentage of your gains from each cycle, and the notion of "maintenance" is a myth (you can't possibly maintain all attributes all the time – that leads inevitably to breakdown and injury). You're constantly in a state of waving your attritubtes, but the general trend is an upward spiral.

That's the long answer. Short answer is that you're likely to see carry over from each cycle to the goals in your other cycles, as you add strength, endurance, etc. But don't think in terms of losing progress on a specific goal. Think in terms of your larger overall development, and how each skill or attribute waves within that. Your goal is to constantly evolve up that spiral – individual skill sets and attributes will wave a bit within that.

For now, treat your weight training and our bodyweight programs as separate phases of training, and stick to the programs as written. Trying to do everything at once will only get you mixed or poor results. (see the FAQ on "cocktailing")

Don't worry, you won't lose anything. You're just changing focus. Training is a spiral rather than a straight line.

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