What do you mean by "compensatory release"? Are you just talking about stretching and flexibility?

Sort of. But it's a bit more refined than that.

Everything you do causes your body to create compensations. It's the SAID (specific adaptation to imposed demands) effect. That's what we're trying to hit when we exercise. We use weights or a bodyweight exercise to create a specific demand because we want our body to adapt in a specific way – whether that's adding muscle or burning fat.

The thing is, our body adapts to ALL the demands we place on it, whether they're intentional or not.

If you sit at a desk all day, it becomes easier and easier to stay that way. Your body adapts to that pose and becomes chair-shaped. You’ve seen that, right? No, it isn’t normal or inevitable. You’re simply creating chains of tension and reinforcing those chains through habit. You have to release them in the opposite direction to restore balance and maintain good health – we call that "compensation" or "compensatory movement."

All of the cooldown components in our programs are specifically designed to compensate for the work you just put in, restoring the body to balance, speeding recovery, and preparing you for the next session.

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